Company Highlight: Graze #2

[by Amanda Shi]

On the first day of InnovTrip, we visited Graze, a UK based snack company that produces and delivers snack subscription boxes. In 2013, Graze expanded to the US, with its headquarters in Manhattan and distribution center in Jersey City. Graze develops healthy snacks that do not include genetically engineered/modified ingredients, artificial flavors/colors, high fructose corn syrup, or trans fats. To customize snack boxes, Graze uses an in-house algorithm, DARWIN (Decision Algorithm Rating What Ingredient’s Next) that takes user preferences into account. Graze has open roles in many fields—from marketing to engineering—but mainly focuses on operations and data science.

The Graze visit was my favorite, because it was one of the few companies we visited that was very open and honest with sharing information and answering our questions. Even though Graze isn’t viewed as a traditional “tech” company, they incorporate a lot of data science and optimization into their daily operations to maximize both profits and customer satisfaction. I found their supply chain optimization problems fascinating, and appreciated that the company strives to make data-driven decisions.

Graze is evidence of the global impact of technology—it has catalyzed the rapid evolution of every industry.


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