InnovTrip, organized by students at Innovation: Princeton Journal of Science and Technology, is a two-day trip to New York City which brings together undergraduate students from Princeton University to explore post-graduation opportunities in STEM.

Students at Princeton have built tech companies, created novel health therapies, innovated in renewable energy sources, and countless other projects; in short, Princeton students have this innovative spirit that they want to carry onto their future after graduation. The idea behind InnovTrip is that we want to connect the Princeton community with the greater science/tech world to allow students to learn about how those in the field got to where they are today. In general, we brought together the brightest students who are passionate about a future in science and technology.

The companies that we visited are at the forefront of this idea of innovation. However, most students on campus engage with these companies as a user or in solely a general recruitment setting on campus. Getting the chance to step into the offices and hear from someone so passionate about their work and about how they chose their path in STEM was a differential and immensely valuable experience.

Companies visited during our inaugural January 2016 trip include: Celmatix, D. E. Shaw Research, Graze, AppNexus, Recombine, Google, and Palantir. The trip also includes an alumni reception event and wraps up with a pizza dinner with David Kirkpatrick, best known as the author of The Facebook Effect: The Inside Story of the Company That Is Connecting the World.

Visit our participants page to learn more about the students on this trip!

The InnovTrip Team


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