Company Highlight: AppNexus #2

[by Monica Shi]

On Tuesday night, we visited the AppNexus office for an office tour and alumni reception. AppNexus, founded in 2007 by Princeton grad Brian O’Kelley, is a global technology company that specializes in programmatic online advertising. Publishers, advertisers, agencies, and advertising technology companies use the AppNexus platform to execute tens of millions of transactions per day. A buyer can use AppNexus to bid on ads based on metrics such as type of user, geography, or time of day. A seller can use AppNexus to sell their impressions to those buyers. The company’s mission is to improve the digital advertising ecosystem for publishers, advertisers, and consumers. AppNexus offers a variety of both technical and non-technical roles for current students and new grads. Since AppNexus deals with tons of information, a lot of engineering roles are centered on big data and data science. However, the company also offers positions in departments such as marketing, sales, services, and product.

The first part of our visit consisted of a Q&A session with Princeton grads currently working at AppNexus. We had the chance to ask them questions regarding what exactly AppNexus does, their opinion on the current state of the digital advertising ecosystem, and their experiences working full time in New York City. We then had a networking session with Princeton alums working in a variety of industries. I spoke with an oncologist, data scientist, product manager, and management consultant, and in the process, learned a lot about their experiences in their respective fields. To cap off the night, we took a tour of the office.

AppNexus strikes a nice balance between a startup like Graze and an established tech company like Google, and it was great being able to learn more about the company culture and mission.